Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Task Journal - 10/2/12

I am trying to get myself on track to have the living room done for the 1 year anniversary signing. I want to be able to say, on October 28th, "Yes! It took me a year but I finished ONE ROOM!"

This means that September is going to be full of work. The big tasks are out of the way and now its just details to be done. The walls are insulted, the sheetrock is hung, the windows are installed and the trim is up.

For my first Small Task entry, I'm going to cover the little bits I did yesterday and today:
  • Put in the screens in the Window casings in preparation for removing the windows for priming and painting soon.
  • Primed two of the four muntins for the two windows (I call them grills... but some people get annoyed at me when I do...)
  • Sanded the bottom of the bay window where water from plants (previous owner) had caused the existing paint to bubble up. Also, applied putty where needed on the bay window.
  • Jay pitched in and went around the trim with the putty filling in the deeper nail holes and gouges from my amateur efforts at hanging woodwork.
Not related specifically to renovations - I did also pick up the pool toys and put them in the shed (have to remember to get out there and bring the Super Soakers in before the frost). The pool is going to be closed tomorrow and I didn't want the folks doing the closing to be tripping over things. I wish I had more time and better weather this past week to vaccum out the pool as well - but September's been rough and I'm willing to pay them a bit more to not have to deal with that headache myself.

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