Saturday, September 1, 2012

Barely a Journeyman

It has been quite a while since I posted an update on the renovation efforts. That is due in large part to a lack of motivation on my part. This summer has been somewhat miserable heat wise which provided little motivation to work on the house (but plenty of motivation to be lazy around the pool).

Now that the summer is pretty much on its way out, I was able to motivate myself to get some renovations underway. Mom and Dad were planning to come down to visit around my birthday and offered to help me install a new pair of windows in the living room while they were visiting. To prepare for that, I had to make sure that the walls were sheet rocked, primed and painted. As I've mentioned in other posts, I had difficulties picking the colors for the walls I am working on. I get nervous about how the whole room will look in that color. I did decide on a color eventually - going with a color called Normandy (it is kind of a Battleship grey/blue).

(Not the actual color as it looks on the walls)

Mom and Dad were down starting on my birthday (Thursday) and Dad wasted no time in diving into a project. One of the light switches was giving me problems in the living room so we spent the afternoon figuring what wires went to want outlets and everything got wired up! Some of the wall did have to get taken apart in the process, but nothing a bit of primer and paint won't fix.

All day Friday and Saturday was spent installing the two new windows and getting the detail trim around the windows and doors in the living room installed. Thanks to all of their help, I am one step closer to having the living room completed (and at least partially competent at installing windows, we'll see how well I retain everything when I go to install one on my own).

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