Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is it weird to say the work on the house has been going both slow and fast?

In the middle of April, Mom and Dad came down for a project weekend. I suspect Dad was wanting some bigger projects to be ready to roll than what was accomplished but I am over all happy with what we managed to get done. By we, I mean more Mom and Dad than me - the weekend before was PAX and I was suffering through a combination of lack of sleep and some bug I had picked up, presumably, at the convention.

Despite being under the weather, I did get a good amount of the sheet rock up on the walls in the living room. Over Saturday and Sunday, Mom, Dad and I got the joints taped and compounded added. It has taken me until just now to get the second coat on the joints. While here, they did some work on the bathroom upstairs (the shower is now sealed and usable) and Dad addressed an issue with a burst pipe out by the pool (a pool service was coming the following week to open the pool for the season and I needed the pipe fixed). I do feel bad about all the work the did compared to what I did, i should have pitched in more - taken some Day-quil and OJ and pushed through the cold.

Dad and I took a trip down to Lowes on Sunday to pick up a few supplies and get some estimates on windows. This trip gave me a lot of the information I was having a hard time getting - first in how I should measure the windows and second in what I should be looking for. Compared to the quote I had received from Home Depot, what Lowes was offering was a better deal (price was a lot less without the install too) but I need to go to Home Depot to see how they compare on just windows.

The past couple weeks have been me trying to get my weekend routine as a home owner figured out. How often do I need to mow the lawn? How much time do I dedicate to pool maintenance? What do I need to do to keep the lawn, plant beds and pseudo-garden alive? I think I've gotten at least a template figured out, I haven't had enough weeks to see how well it runs.

Speaking of the garden, with the risk of frost gone, the planters are now out on the stone wall at the edge of the pool. The peas have started to grow up and are the biggest of the plants now. Broccoli sprouted last weekend and there were a couple of shoots of spinach today. Everything else hasn't show much of anything yet - some may take long to germinate I suppose and some may have been planted too deep. We'll see what the weeks ahead have in store for everything.

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