Thursday, October 11, 2012

Small Task Journal - 10/11/12

This week, I've been trying to do something in the living room each evening. This usually means I get home around 5, get started on some project between 5:30 and 6 and wrap up my effort around 8. It helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something and keeps me from just being in front of the computer all evening (though, I do need to spend some time there to work on Cam and Mel's tattoo designs).

Last night was spent putting another coat of Normandy Blue on the walls of the living room. I have the floor covers down the night before and all I needed to do for prep last night was tape around the various casings. Ava was all about being there in an overseeing capacity, asking many questions (often repeating some) about what I was doing and why I was doing what I was doing. She was chased out of the room when I started painting.

The coat of paint went up quickly and easily. Most of the walls just needed a quick second coat to fill in spots where I had put the paint on too thin on the first pass. The sections that had primer on them I went a bit heavier on. Happily, I had bought the second gallon of the color and was able to finish the room with plenty of paint left. Tonight, I plan on getting a start on painting the casings. That should go pretty quickly.

As of now (not including my plans for tonight), I have the following left to do on the room:
  • Prime Windows
  • Paint Windows, Window Muntins, Casings, Baseboards and Ceiling Beams
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Install, Prime and Paint molding around ceiling
  • Install, Prime and Paint molding around heating elements and fireplace
  • Clean, Sand and Seal Floor
 Looking at that list, it still looks like a lot but each of those except for the floor are pretty simple things. I am hoping to have this list cut in half by the end of the weekend.


  1. You're so much more productive than we are on the house....LOL!

  2. This is just a by-product of my own self-imposed deadline to get the room done. I'll slump back into laziness once that is handled.