Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Modest Case of Motivation

For a while, I've been a bit stalled on getting projects done here at the house. I attribute some of that procrastination to the sense of overwhelming that each room presents. The bathroom has things in it that I have never done. The living room, while simple, doesn't feel like something I should work on until other things are done (because it is easy). Getting past the style/color block I had with the bathroom and deciding on some colors has helped move that along. Next I need to get some estimates on windows for that room and the house in general.

Happily, the contractors have started work on the chimney (well... nearly finished by the time of this writing) and that has helped motivate me to start in on some other projects. I am really happy with the work that has been done to the chimney and that side of the house - its coming along nicely and the contractors have been amazingly quiet and out of the way.

They recycled as many bricks as possible which means the chimney isn't going to be a two-tone column of bricks. It also means that the dumpster they brought was nice and empty. I was able to move all of the demolition refuse I had from the office, bathroom, living room and carpet into it - nearly filling it all.

I mention the living room - and that's because I've started the renovation on that room at Jay's suggestion (basically, do one night a week of house tinkering). Since the living room has no drywall in it, it's a nice and easy project to start in. It also is pretty good as a piecemeal project - I can pick a single wall and do just that over the course of the night.

Continuing the handyman trend I've noticed from the previous owners - one of the paneled (uninsulated interior) walls was torn down and a surprise was discovered. A piece of drywall with the words "Insolate this wall" - spelled just like that.

Work is moving along in the living room. Today, I finished pulling out the paneling on the fireplace wall, plucked the remaining nails, pulled up the last stubborn bits of the baseboard and hung insulation along the entire wall. I still have a bit more to do on that wall - mostly just getting some more spray foam and filling in anywhere that I feel cold air coming in through.

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